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Standing On Shoulders: A Leader's Guide to Digital Transformation is a "must read" 

per Jayne Groll, CEO of the DevOps Institute on TechBeacon.com:  http://bit.ly/MustRead7

Standing On Shoulders: The Digital Transformation Workbook - the tactical and operational implementation planning guide - Coming Fall 2020

Digital Transformation - It's about surviving and thriving

Understand what's next in digital transformation, by knowing where you and your markets are going.

Decimate the cost and dramatically slash the time it takes to get a technology solution from an idea to reality! 

Standing On Shoulders: A Leader's Guide to Digital Transformation provides leaders with practical, actionable information about the breadth of Agile, Lean, and DevOps topics that are generally dealt with individually; and explains how each of these are necessary but alone are not sufficient to avoid market disruption of your business.    The focus of the guide is on how to build an employee AND customer obsessed culture with an organizational structure that drives speed and efficiency while leveraging technology to enable speed to value that is faster, safer, better and cheaper. 

Charting your performance for improvement.

Standing on Shoulders: The Leader's Guide to Digital Transformation puts it all together and addresses the “why” that is needed to build business cases to get buy in and resources. 

We start with Why, then go into What, and finally look at How for small, medium, and large organizations including an overview of the tools and technologies at an architectural level, with examples and direct references to resources, tools, and more information.

Also included are overview appendices on Value Stream Mapping, and Focused Improvement - a design thinking approach to practical innovation that is lightweight enough for team retrospectives, and powerful enough for product and service development.

We'll come to you, and will work with you and your team.

The authors are internationally known speakers and transformation experts. They have actually delivered digital transformation and consult with organizations on their journey to where they want to be.

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See some of Carmen's presentations on YouTube 

See Jack present on Digital Transformation at DevOpsDays - Columbus

Standing On Shoulders: A Leader's Guide to Digital Transformation - Podcast version

Now Available!

Now available in podcast format - 

16 episodes, each around 20 minutes.

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